"As the romantic lead, the lovely Alexsandra Meijer brought a touch of spunky sophistication as well as welcome warmth to her character. The grace and ease with which she soared through the pas de deux's many intricate lifts was spectacular." -Rita Felciano for the San Jose Mercury News.

“Meijer is exquisite in just about every way, from the pliancy of her back in arabesque to her delicate arms.” -Rachel Howard, San Francisco Chronicle.

“As Tsarina Tatiana, Meijer made an exit that was so bittersweet in its delicate control, you couldn't help flashing all at once to the days when the ideal woman was as controlled and fragile as a china doll.” -Marianne Messina, Metro Silicon Valley.

“To see the elegant Meijer in the dramatic role of Viv is a real pleasure. She may have a future as an actress once she retires from ballet. And yet here she is every inch the dancer.” -Rita Felciano, San Jose Mercury News.

“Alexsandra Meijer is a lovely, light dancer with a serene air about her; she had the right vulnerability for the bereaved heroine.” - Rachel Howard, San Francisco Chronicle.

“The tricky role of the French ballerina reveled in Alexsandra Meijer a saucy, soubrette-like comedienne. In solos packed with difficult and clearly 'Bournonville' style,...but clearly Meijer is suited to this sort of ballet.” - Mary Ellen Hunt, San Francisco Chronicle.

“Alexsandra Meijer's solo Variation...suggested a kind of Russian drama queen injecting melodrama into her loose bourrées, sudden silent-film star swoops and crisp arm slaps as if possessed by an irascible prima ballerina.” -Marianne Messina, Metro Silicon Valley.

“Especially notable in the second act is Alexsandra Meijer as the Tsarina Tatiana, Nahat's equivalent of the Sugar Plum Fairy. If there were a medal for bravery in dance, Meijer would be a shoo-in. Her cool aplomb in turns and jumps...and determined fish dives drew gasps and well-deserved applause.” -Mary Ellen Hunt, San Francisco Chronicle.

“As the Woman, Alexsandra Meijer created the complex character demanded and stayed in character despite all of its conflicting facets, from youthful angst to adult madness.” -Scott McClelland, Metro Silicon Valley.

“Other great moments include Alexsandra Meijer literally pouring herself into her Harem Lady role in the land of the Shifting Sands as if at any moment she might spill out of human shape all together.” -Marianne Messina, Metro Silicon Valley.

“She is a classicist.” -Rita Felciano, San Jose Mercury News.

“Alexsandra Meijer and Travis Walker's performance of the inebriated couple in 'One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)' was one of the most clever and entertaining of the night, featuring gymnastic stumbles and tumbles. With her curly hair falling out of a loose updo, Meijer fell into Walker's arms as they slinked all over each other with loose, drunken movements and humor.” -Jessica Fromm, Metro Silicon Valley.

“Meijer and Travis Walker are delicious as the tipsy couple in 'One for My Baby' - their blowsy chemistry had me laughing aloud.” -Rachel Howard, San Francisco Chronicle.

“Alexsandra Meijer's flirtatious solo came right out of an Italian genre painting.” -Rita Felciano, San Jose Mercury News.

photo by B.Shomler